Salary and Human Resource accounting solution

Salary and Human Resource accounting solution has achieved Certified for Microsoft Dynamics status. This means Salary and Human Resource accounting solution is thoroughly tested and proven to meet Microsoft’s highest standards for business solutions. Certified for Microsoft Dynamics is Microsoft Corp.’s highest standard for partner-developed software. This certification represents a significant step in elevating the standard for software solutions for industry-specific business applications like Salary and Human Resource accounting solution.

Salary and Human Resource accounting solution offers a flexible functionality that can be widely expanded and is required to organize and to monitor human resource policy in your company and to ensure fast and precise salary calculation. The solution corresponds to the regulation enactment requirements of the Republic of Latvia and regulations of the State Revenue Service regarding accounting, human resource management, and salary calculations.

Compliance to the law
Solution also ensures changes related to the effective legislation in relation to salary calculation and human resource accounting. Functionality envisages sending of reports to be submitted to the State Revenue Service via the electronic declaration system, print outs of report “2-darbs” for the Central Statistics Bureau and also developing of human resource reports.

Accurate and fast salary calculations

Microsoft Dynamics NAV based Salary functionality provides a user with wide possibilities for salary calculations on the information included in the employee’s card.

Again, changes in legislation?

Salary and Human Resource accounting solution is being continuously improved and amended pursuant to regulation enactment changes and Microsoft Dynamics NAV updates.  User receives a convenient solution for salary calculations and support of human resource management, simple development of reports, savings of working hours and an excellent tool for data analysis.

More about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Salary and Human Resource accounting solution

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